Pip Install

pip install 'tamr-toolbox[all]'

Optional Features

Some features of the Tamr Toolbox require additional dependencies. You can opt-in to these features during installation. By including 'tamr-toolbox[all]' in the pip installation command, you will install the dependencies required for all optional features. To include dependencies required for one or more optional features use 'tamr-toolbox[feature_1, feature_2]'. A minimal installation is achieved by omitting the [] entirely.

In some cases you may already have a version of the library installed and would prefer to use that instead. Or perhaps you would like better control over what version you are installing. If doing so, please use at least minimum version of the library specified below. You will then want to install a version of tamr-toolbox without that library included (such as the version with no optional features) so that it does not attempt to change your existing version.

All optional features (suggested)

Install instructions: pip install 'tamr-toolbox[all]'

No optional features

Install instructions: pip install tamr-toolbox

Optional Feature: Google Translate

Install instructions: pip install 'tamr-toolbox[translation]'

Required for Translation Enrichment

Library: GoogleTranslate (tamr-toolbox uses version == 2.0.1)

Note: You will additionally need your own google API key in order to use translation capabilities.

Optional Feature: Mock API Testing

Install instructions: pip install 'tamr-toolbox[testing]'

Required for Testing

Library: Responses (tamr-toolbox uses version == 0.10.14)

Optional Feature: Pandas dataframes

Install instructions: pip install 'tamr-toolbox[pandas]'

Required for DataFrame I/O

Library: Pandas (tamr-toolbox uses version >= 0.21.0)

Optional Feature: Slack Notifications

Install instructions: pip install 'tamr-toolbox[slack]'

Required for Slack

Library: Slack Client (tamr-toolbox uses version >= 2.7.2)

Offline installation

Download tamr-toolbox and its dependencies on a machine with the same operating system and python version as your target system, that has online access to PyPI:

pip download 'tamr-toolbox[all]' -d tamr-toolbox-requirements
zip -r tamr-toolbox-requirements

Deliver the .zip file to the target machine where you want tamr-toolbox installed. You can do this via email, cloud drives, scp or any other mechanism.

Finally, install tamr-toolbox from the saved dependencies:

pip install --no-index --find-links=tamr-toolbox-requirements 'tamr-toolbox[all]'

If you are not using a virtual environment, you may need to specify the --user flag if you get permissions errors:

pip install --user --no-index --find-links=tamr-toolbox-requirements 'tamr-toolbox[all]'