Tamr Toolbox

Tamr-Toolbox is a python library created to provide a simple interface for common interactions with Tamr and common data workflows that include Tamr. The more specialized Tamr-Client python library is used for direct interactions with Tamr in both the development of the Tamr-Toolbox and in the recommended use of the Tamr-Toolbox.

Basic Installation

pip install tamr-toolbox[all]

See more installation options

Basic Example


logging_dir: "/home/data/project/logs"

    host: ""
    protocol: "http"
    port: "9100"
    username: "example-username"
    password: "example-password"

my_project_ids: ["2", "8", "9"]


from tamr_toolbox import utils
from tamr_toolbox import workflow

# Read in config from yaml
config = utils.config.from_yaml("/home/data/project/conf/project.config.yaml")

# Make a logger for your script
logger = utils.logger.create(__name__, log_directory=config["logging_dir"])

# Optionally, configure Tamr-Toolbox to write to the same log file

# Create a Tamr Client 
tamr_client = utils.client.create(**config["my_instance_name"])

# Use the Tamr Client to create a list of Projects from project ids
my_projects = [tamr_client.projects.by_resource_id(p_id) for p_id in config["my_project_ids"]]

# Write your own logging message
logger.info(f"Running projects loaded from config: {[p.name for p in my_projects]}")

# Use the Tamr-Toolbox workflow module to run a list of projects